Painting people is something I grew up with. My grandmother, Sara Hayes Fawcett,  painted me several times, starting when I was a few months old. Her portrait of me at three months old is on the Home Page.  A centerpiece of our home was a portrait she painted of my grandfather, after which they got engaged. I wanted to do an equivalent one of my husband, Arthur. I did do an oil, early on, and eventually did a pretty good pastel which now hangs in the living room. Four of Arthur are in this collection AJP with autoharp, Thee’s a Saint, AJP 33rd Anniversary, and AJP (over the mantle).

For twenty five years I’ve facilitated a portrait group at the Lexington Arts and Crafts Society. Several of the images in this collection are people who posed for the group.

Many of these pictures are for sale – pricing available on request.